Mums. You Can Do It!

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We Women are good at multi-tasking – we can easily iron a shirt, feed the kids and talk on the phone at same time. That’s why are perfectly capable of running a successful business and looking after the family.
All we need to do is to take that first step.I always had a fancy job with decent salary, lot of travelling, bit of power, job security but no work life balance.

So I made a mad decision to quit my job and work for myself. It was a hard decision as giving up the regular fat pay cheque was not easy!! But one years down the line I can say that was the best decision I ever made.
The power of working for yourself is amazing- I don’t have to explain anyone why I got 5 minutes late at work if my daughter was having tantrum in the morning? I decide which days I work – obviously taking couple of hours off to get my hair done in weekday is perfectly acceptable if I have worked extra hours on Sunday night.
I guess I do have to discipline myself to not get distracted with online shopping during the day and wake up on time every day to get to my office. But apart from that – its amazing.

Here are some tips from one mumprenuer to other mumprenuers:

Don’t let anyone tell you – your product or idea is not good enough. If you don’t have confidence in your idea – no one else will.

Don’t give freebies to families or friends as they will expect that to carry on in future. You can give them a discount if they refer you to other people.
Spend time with your family.

In early days your business will be your favourite kid but get the work life balance right from early days. Be patient and realistic with profits in early days- the first sale is wonderful and indicates you’re on the right track but you need to build on that success. Provide a good service at a fair price and you will succeed.

Not only as an accountant but as an entrepreneur I will say this you need an accountant from early days of setting up your business. Your time is best spent doing what you’re good at. Dealing with the taxman is just one of the burdens of self-employment – unless you are an accountant, of course.

As well as doing the paperwork and minimising your tax bill – your accountant can also be a great source of advice to help you to grow your business.

Recent research in America has shown that: ‘The top business challenges identified during start-up were marketing and taxes, and top personal challenges were work/life balance and money management.

When it comes to asking for help, start-ups said they turn to family and friends; different from more established businesses, who turn to accountants, lawyers, and bankers.’One Sage survey, conducted among business owners, showed a staggering 89% of respondents ‘agreed that working with an accountant was a critical element of their success’.

So hiring an accountant is really a win – win situation.

Remember girls- If you can walk in high heels all day and not complain – you can do anything.

Good luck. Jit xx

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